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Essay on Television Talk Shows and Reasons for Their Popularity

The advent of a talk show has changed the entertainment industry unlike any other TV program. Daytime television is now dominated by talk shows across the globe. Why are they so popular? Regular television programs follow a structure or format of properly arranged story-lines, which may not always be true to life. Talk shows, on the other hand, feature ordinary people whose words and actions are unrehearsed. They are not afraid to seem bizarre.

These are common individuals whose problems and life experiences we can relate to. For example, while watching a talk show about, say, depression, we suddenly realize that we are not alone, and can draw inspiration from the fact that there are others like us. Moreover, human beings are easily attracted to everything unusual and unique.

The participation of celebrities in a talk show satisfies our curiosity about the lives of the rich and famous. We take a chance to have a glimpse into their world. This is the best kind of voyeurism. It can bring out the dark side since we take the pleasure in judging and gossiping. We may also find an inspiration in a rags-to-riches success story or a struggle to fight a life-threatening disease. Sharing a good fortune with the less fortunate can make these celebrities become role models for us to follow.

For sure, talk shows have changed the landscape of television entertainment. With talk shows like the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Jerry Springer Show, to name but a few, we see stark contrasts in the ways this platform can be used. For example, the former is focused on the issues that are relevant to the society of today, while the latter seems more like a discovery of incredible morals of our world.

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