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Essay on Fighting Unemployment by Providing Free Mobile Phones and Internet Access to the Unemployed

Some people argue that the government should give every unemployed person a mobile phone and should make sure they have access to the Internet. They believe this is the best way of using public money to reduce the problem of unemployment.

Nowadays, there exists an important part of an economically active population that is unemployed for various reasons. So the government has developed a new way to give these people a chance to be involved as a workforce. It has been suggested that the best way to solve this problem would be to hand out a mobile device to every unemployed person and, of course, to provide them with access to the Internet.

One of the government’s responsibilities is to help jobless people. However, I am totally convinced that giving free mobile phones is not a good idea of spending public money. I think that giving them access to the Internet for free lacks sense because it can create an illusion of involvement and compassion while these people may just be using mobile phones for fun, for example, for chatting, exploring, searching for entertainment and playing online games. Such a “solution” will not reduce the unemployment rate, regardless of the generosity of the government on behalf of the taxpayers. On the other hand, some employed individuals may start expressing their desire for the same packages, considering the aforementioned privileges to be unfair in regard to tax-abiding citizens.

Finally, our politicians must design really effective ways of reducing the problem of unemployment by focusing on new programs and laws that should determine an articulated manner of integrating people, businesses, and technologies with the government, and learning from experiences in other similar international cases. Public money must be managed properly and efficiently in order to have long-term results. The nation should receive help in a well-designed and reasonable manner. Technology can be a part of the solution, but still we shouldn't rely entirely on it in this case.

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