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Essay about Migration Issues – Example for Inspiration

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To what extent will migration from the developing world to the developed world become a social and political issue in the 21st century?

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 2
  • Social Effects 2
  • Political Effects 3
  • Conclusion 3
  • References 3

Migration Essay Introduction

Historically, people moved from their home to other lands mainly to colonize them. Lately, with globalization, people have been moving from developing to developed nations. This has both social and political impacts (Castles & Miller, 2009).

Social Effects

Most immigrants move to developed countries with dreams and aspirations to take advantage of numerous opportunities that are not available to them in their own countries. Many of these immigrants end up getting jobs and supporting their families in the home land by remitting money to them. The families then improve their living and social standards with the increased income (Acosta, 2006). However, developing nations face social problems, including broken families, as members migrate and key players in the families are not around (Beine, Docquier, & Rapoport, 2008).

Immigrants into developed countries have diverse ethnicities and social orientations. This has led to the formation of minority groups which are mainly based on racial and ethnic divisions. The citizens of the developed nations adapt to new cultures and practices which have both positive and negative effects on their socialization. This can be due to intermarriages and socializing with the immigrants.

Political Effects

Since the introduction of the visa as a requirement for immigration, developed countries have been faced with influx of illegal immigrants on their soil. This has put pressure on these countries since some of the immigrants are involved in crimes and illegal activities, yet they cannot be brought to justice. Again, there is an increase in the number of people immigrating to developed countries seeking political asylum. This has led to political tensions between countries (Middleberg, 2003).

Immigrants increase countries population. This means that there is a need to plan for them and often translates into the countries resources being strained. In effect, the countrys budget is altered to accommodate the immigrant population (Schoenauer-Alvaro, 2008). On the other side, since most immigrants are skilled people, there has been slowed development in developing countries. Through Brain drain many skilled immigrants end up using their skills in developing countries.

Migration Essay Conclusion

Increase in technology and search for better opportunities has led to immigration of millions of people from developing to developed countries. This has great social and political impact that has altered modern living.

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