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Birth Control Essay on Teenage Pregnancy

The topic of this argumentative essay addresses religious beliefs and communication issues that exist between parents and teens. The piece showcases how one should prove his or her position when debating some socially important problems.

Should teenage girls be allowed to get birth control without the permission of their parents?

Teens should not be required to obtain parental consent in order to receive birth control. Despite the fact that the times are changing, one point has remained true. Determined teenagers will continue to circumvent parental restrictions. There are several reasons why they should be granted full access to various contraceptives without their parents' permission.

Teenagers have legitimate reasons to fear damaging reactions from parents. Some are made to feel as if they are filthy, whorish, sinful and hell bound. Many teenagers cannot suppress the feelings and urges they have. Because rejection can be hurtful, teenagers need to have access to every available resource. This reason follows the first, which was that sexually motivated teens will find a way to take that orgasmic plunge.

Finally, if they are ready for an intercourse, then they should be responsible enough to grab their own protection. This removes excuses for having babies too early in life and contracting STDs. Teenagers could feel as if they were not being treated like babies. Like it or not, two teens (or a curious group of them) are absolutely going to pursue that sexual sugar rush. People might say this will also encourage teens. This is not nearly as encouraging as an erection at a school dance. It is outrageously hard to fit into the society’s mold of abstinence.

In conclusion, teenagers are obliged to become educated about STDs and the perils of unplanned pregnancy. Some teenagers will laugh at the concept of abstinence. A whole rainbow of contraceptives from jellies to drugs should be presented as a buffet of preventative measures. Requiring parental consent could backfire, since rejection and resentment from parents can cut like a steak knife. Teens need guidance towards healthy decisions. This outreach should lovingly blanket all cultures and economic classes. Parental consent should not be mandatory for teenagers to receive birth control, condoms and other similar products.

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