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Professional Reflective Essay on Growing Old

Writing a reflective essay is seldom easy, especially on the topic of aging. You never know how to start a growing old essay, what arguments to bring and how to better describe your point of view. If you want to scream write my essay now, don’t scare your neighbors – just write to us and we will help.

Why are Many People Afraid of Growing Old?

It is a fact of life that everyone gets old. It is a part of the natural life cycle. Many people try to fight the signs of aging through cosmetic surgery, and other experiments, however, they still grow old just like everyone does. It is no secret that more than half of the world population fears growing old due to declining health, loss of independence, loss of appearance, and, finally, dying. There is certainly a downside, but growing old can also have some advantages.

Research has shown that with age people experience memory loss, deal with serious illnesses, decrease in sexual activity, and more frequently feel depressed. Getting older, you are likely to not be employed and can experience trouble paying bills. Some even cannot drive and might feel they are a burden to others. People fear that growing old, they will lose their hair, teeth and mobility. Appearance aside, one of the biggest fears is losing independence. Getting to the age of 18 is a milestone to many teenagers. It is a time that they can strike out on their own and leave the nest. With the progress in age, they experience many other turning points that include getting their own place, own car, starting career and family life. Once they get older, they begin to lose that freedom they rightfully earned.

Growing old however is not all bad. It is a great opportunity to see your children become mature themselves. You will have grandchildren, and time spent to spoil them. Many people grow gracefully and enjoy time spent with their loved ones. They get to travel and have more time devoted to themselves or hobbies. One of the best things of growing older is the acknowledgement that you lived a full life and got to see technology and society change. While many people fear growing older, they soon realize it is not all that bad.

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