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Essay on Psychic Abilities and the Role of Brain

A psychic is a person that confesses to having the abilities to perceive information that is concealed from normal senses. He/she perceives this information through extrasensory perceptions. Psychic abilities are also known as the sixth sense or extrasensory perception. There are no tangible evidences that psychic abilities exist, and the scientific community does not recognize psychic abilities of any kind. Scientific investigations have done numerous investigations into the validity of human psychic abilities. Many investigations have produced statistical results which conclude that there a million to one chances against psychic happening by chance alone, they also concluded that a few have been in the order of a billion chances to one, which is a pretty conclusive proof. Considering that the fundamental key to any strong scientific conclusions is reproducibility. If other researchers cannot reproduce the exact results, then there is also a high probability that the results are not real. From the past researches that have been done, there is a scientific belief that people have the capability to experience changes directly with their mind, without the need to rely on the customary physical senses such as hearing, vision, smell, taste and touch to identify it. There is a mutual misconception around the world that those with psychic abilities are highly evolved individuals. However, this has no scientific backing (Stephanie, 2012).

Fortune tellers are mostly the interested parties in trying to convince the world that psychic powers exist. They usually claim to have the ability to see into the future and, therefore, try as much as they can to get many followers. For them, it is more of a business because they literary earn a living out of it. Some have gone to the extent of influencing people that psychic abilities can be learned. There is also an assumption that we all have the potential to be psychics, but our abilities usually lie dormant until they are triggered. It is believed that, as it is with any other skill, psychic abilities develop with consistent use and reduce with lack of use. Thought studies have constantly failed to get evidence that supports the existence of psychic powers; many people believe that everyone has psychic abilities. Some people may have more natural abilities than other people, just the same way different people seem inclined towards different aspects of life like science, art, sports or music. Being able to foretell the future or sense strange happenings is purely a trick of the mind and for a long period has been misinterpreted. The brain has to pulverize it in physical reality; this might happen even if something beyond the physical brain is also involved. Therefore, there is a difference in brain and possibly synesthesia come along often with the territory to some extent. However, this does not mean that psychic ability is synesthesia (Heidi, 2010).

Psychic abilities that have in the past been attributed to real world people include apportation, aura reading, automatic writing, astral projection, bilocation, clairvoyance, death warning, divination, dowsing, energy medicine, faith healing, levitation, medium ship, precognition, psychic surgery, psychometrics, pyrokinesis, remote viewing, retro cognition and telepathy. Clearly, if psychic phenomenon is real in any way then those with that psychic ability must have something quite abnormal with their brains than the majority who do not have psychic’s abilities. Even if one has faith in spirits and non-physical energy, those who believe they perceive it are doing so through their brains in every level; otherwise they would not be able to perceive it (Stephanie, 2012).


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