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Essay on What New Subject Would You Study Today If Given an Opportunity?

Reflective essays are often based on the hypothetical question "What if…" followed by some unrealistic speculation or hardly possible supposition. Such an approach allows you to project your real-life experience on some make-believe situation and understand yourself better. The essay sample below is a vivid example of such writing.

If you could study a subject that you have never had the opportunity to study, what would you choose?

I am pretty much happy with my life and my profession. Being in literature, especially when you know a few exotic languages, is always exciting and rewarding. Languages shape our lives and transform the world. Interpreters make the world talk. Disasters and wars can be kept at bay when we help leaders of different nations and ideologists to put their thoughts across the table, and encourage them to proceed ahead with a peace dialogue. So my profession is quite appealing to me and has always kept my interest alive.

It was only a few years back that I met this guy in a white coat, who was carrying a stethoscope and had the most pleasing and sincere smile in the whole world. He was listening to every single patient with such calmness as if time had stopped for him. The patients smiled back at him. They were surely touched by such a gentle soul. He was a real Doctor!

My turn came, and I also told my story and had a reason to visit him that day. I needed someone with a good heart to listen to me, and there he was — the Healer.

Since that day this noble profession had created such an impact on my life that I wanted to start my studies over and study to become a doctor. So yes, if I ever could study a subject that I have never had an opportunity to get involved with, it would definitely be Medicine.

Doctors change lives in so many ways that even interpreters look so small before them. Not only interpreters: astronauts (who orbit around the earth in space thanks to millions of dollars from our economy) fail to compete with them. I mean, we can live happily on this planet as long as we are healthy. I believe that health might be the biggest wealth one can possess. It is only when you lose your health that you run to a doctor and value what an important job they are doing.

Finding a cure to new diseases, discovering new vaccines, performing an operation on a carcinoma, delivering a baby or bringing someone back to life after CPR is always amazing, and it fascinates me in every possible way.

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