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Essay on Cheating and Sex – A Neat Example You Can Rely on

Many students get an assignment to write an essay about cheating and sex in school. And we know for sure that a big number of you find this task challenging. If you need an example to base your paper on, PaperDueNow is happy to help with this example bellow.

Why talking about sex is OK, but talking about cheating is embarrassing?

Sex is a hot subject for discussion and everyone wants to share his expert opinion on the matter. Sometimes, people, who do not feel comfortable talking about it, are considered to be the outcast among their peers. The talk about this topic is supposed to be a sign of maturity. As soon as you enter your teen age, you are expected to discuss sex related questions with your age mates.

Like youngsters, talking about sex is equally popular with adults as well. They try to make an impression of an experienced one. On the other hand, the same people might show reluctance towards the discussions about cheating. Still, there is a question: why do we hesitate to confess in cheating or and prefer to stay silent.

One of the reasons for keeping the stories of cheating in private could be the fear of being labelled as a cheater. Many people think that if they reveal to anyone that they are seeing someone else while they are in relationship, the others will lose any confidence in them. There is a conventional wisdom that if a person is not faithful to his soul mate, one can not expect him to be sincere with someone else.

The takeaway of this matter is that cheating conveys negative meaning only. Many people find it difficult to believe the one who talks about it. However, in practice, this is a pure superstition that should be avoided, since one can never know the true reasons and primal cause for cheating. We can not jump into conclusions without seeing both sides of the same coin; the matter deserves to be viewed in a different light.

We really hope this essay was impressive enough for you to get our essay help online. We promise you to work hard and create a small masterpiece for you and your academic needs.

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